Professional Services

Professional Management for your Construction or Land Development Project

WGPITTS represents ownership groups, partnerships and government agencies as their agent to manage the construction and development processes at the programmatic level. Three typical areas one may engage with professional services are:

Construction Management (as Owner's Agent) - Managing Design, Engineering and General Contracting teams.

Development Management - Managing Real Estate Development Projects.


Construction Management (as Owner's Agent)


The expertise and experience as a general contractor and real estate developer makes WGPITTS uniquely qualified to manage your project.

WGPITTS has significant experience as a Construction Manager (CM) as Owners Agent representing clients, partnerships and government agencies as their agent to manage the programming, design, engineering, construction management, commissioning and development of projects.

Construction Manager (CM) as Owners Agent, also called CM as Advisor or simply CMa, is also a derivative of the Owner's Representaitve role. But instead of the Owner overseeing the construction process, WGPITTS as the construction manager agent (CMa) is hired by the owner to oversee the entire project.

Construction Management

Once hired, the CM stands in as the owner's representative and advocate in every step of the construction process from preconstruction, to design and bidding, through construction. This makes CMa ideal for project owners who want an expert's help managing their project or communicating between parties, and sometimes CMAR allows owners to remove themselves from the majority of the construction process altogether.

These capabilities will enable WGPITTS to assist  our clients  to get the project completed with the goals of being accident free, on time, on budget with high quality. The project approach is organized into the following Phases of services:

Phase 1 - Preconstruction

  • Design Management
  • Architect/Enginer and Project Team Selection
  • Project Procedures Manual ("PMP")
  • Bidding Documents

Phase 2 - Bidding

  • Soliciting Bidders
  • PreBid Conferences
  • Bid Packages
  • Bid Review
  • Pre-Award Conferences
  • Award of Contractor Agreements
  • Subcontractor and Material Supplier Review
  • Over Budget Options
  • Value Engineering
  • Revisions to Costs or Schedule

Phase 3 - Construction Phase

  • Documentation and Records
  • Schedule Management
  • Site Utilization Planning
  • Monitoring of Owner''s Budget
  • Project Meetings
  • Submittal Processing
  • Change Order Management
  • Inspection of Contractors Work
  • Inspections
  • Quality Control
  • Approval of Applications for Payment
  • Safety Programs
  • Project Close-Out

Phase 4 - Post Construction

Building Commissioning

Post Construction Services

  • Obtaining LEED Certification (If Part of the (Client)s Program)
  • Management of the Completion of Punch List items not required for substantial completion
  • Assembling Record Drawings for As-Built Documentation
  • Warranty, Guaranty, and operations and maintenance manuals
  • Pursuing resolution of warranty items
  • Documentation of final pay quantities and costs
  • Preparing contract files for transfer to (Client)
  • Final payment and contractor acceptance

Development Management (as Owner's Agent)


The complexities of real estate development requires a range of expertise few firms possess; WGPITTS has the expertise.


WGPITTS has significant experience as a Development Manager (DM) as Owners Agent representing clients and partnerships as their agent to manage the programming, design, engineering, construction management, commissioning and development of real estate development projects.

To remain competitive in today's development arena, you need every advantage to make a development successful. However, the complexities of real estate development projects require a range of expertise few firms possess. At WGPITTS, we've assembled a group of enthusiastic, seasoned industry professionals with these specialized skills. In today's environmentally sensitive atmosphere, our knowledge of the permitting process and our experience working with governmental agencies allows us to competently guide you through the complexities of governmental relations. Clients have already discovered the added value of allowing WGPITTS to handle all aspects of real estate development from including feasibility analysis, due diligence assessments, financial modeling, report preparation, project financing assistance and entitlement to development management.

Construction Management

Pre-Development Services

  • Utility Availability Assessment
  • Boundary Survey
  • Comprehensive Plan Compliance
  • Conceptual Design
  • Creation of Development Districts
  • Highest and best Use Analysis
  • Engineering Management
  • Entitlements
  • Environmental Survey
  • Feasibility Study Preparation
  • Financing
  • Investigation of possible influence of physical and social environments that may affect the project
  • Land Planning
  • Land Use Change
  • Management of legal team
  • Market Study Coordination
  • parcel sizing
  • Partnership Management
  • Permitting
  • Power Distribution and Private Utilities Assessment
  • Representation at meetings with municipal officials, neighborhood groups, and planning boards.
  • Proforma Preparation
  • Site Evaluation
  • Site Identification
  • Traffic Studies
  • Wetland Boundary Survey
  • Rezoning

Development Management Services

  • Program Management
  • Construction Management
  • Development Management,
  • Partnership Management
  • Management of maintaining acquired permits
  • Managing Land Sales
  • Preparation of HOA docs and HOA creation
  • Managing design: land planning. Engineering and architecture
  • Managing Construction: general contractors, site and utility contractors and other third-party consultants and managing government agency permits.

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